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Modern and Contemporary Coffee Tables by Modloft

Modloft is a company that focuses on creating lavish furniture of the highest quality for people who love modern styles. From elegant dining tables to comfortable beds to unique chairs, Modloft creates masterpieces that reflect the tastes of today’s society. Since 2005, it has been a leader in product innovation and has consistently displayed immense intelligence and creativity in its lineup of coffee tables.


Coffee tables are a unique part of any setting. They might not act as the main component in a room, but they can heavily influence the style and overall appeal of a room. They are a means to further enhance the contours, colors and functionality of a room. Due to the level of versatility that comes with a coffee table, they can create a space of reflection and comfort in any type of environment from professional workplaces to a cozy cabin.

The ACTON coffee table provides a lot of storage space for any modern room or workspace. Despite its relatively large base, the ACTON coffee table was made using mitre-folded construction, which hides joints and gives it a minimalist aesthetic. Through its design scheme and range of finishes, this contemporary table can blend into any style. Modloft’s ADELPHI beautifully displays round nesting occasional tables. The range of height and gorgeous figure-eight arrangement creates a sensational appearance that can liven up any room. To bring a mixture of warmth and elegance into a room, one cannot go wrong with the Brazilian woods and glass top of the BERKELEY coffee table. This modern coffee table can find a home in both traditional reading rooms and modern entertainment spaces.


From the ultramodern to simple elegance, Modloft can create incredible symmetry and flow in any room with these stylish coffee tables. The designs of Modloft’s coffee tables consistently enable sleek contours that open up spaces and bring in vibrancy. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is an official distributor for Modloft, we service the Greater Boston area and aim to please all of our customers. Get started on furnishing your home today with City Schemes!

A Little Bit of French History Finds its Way to Boston

A Little Bit of French History Finds its Way to Boston.

By Cal Dunagan, Editor-in-Chief

Louis XVI armoir at city schemesWe love furniture history! For us, nothing tells a story better than an antique. It can be argued that master-crafted furniture is one of the most tangible connections we have to the past. So, when we caught wind of some obscure Boston lore sitting tucked away down the road, we jumped at the opportunity to bring it to you!

Our destination is the modern furniture shop City Schemes, just west past Conway Park Hubway Station in Somerville, MA. One of the first things you’ll notice as soon as you walk into the huge showroom at City Schemes, is that the store has fully embraced mid-century modern. And for those of us who bathe in the glory of mid-century living, this place is a real treat. But that’s not what we came for this time.

If you pay special attention while perusing the furniture, you’ll notice something a little out of place standing monolithically against the wall next to some very handsome leather loungers. It’s not easy to miss. The armoire is grand. Made of a rosy French walnut and inlayed with fruitwood, this meticulously crafted Armoire Louis XVI is something out of a time-capsule.

Luckily, this armoire has practical use—the staff at City Schemes uses it to hold the swatches and pattern samples for their custom-built furniture—so we’re allowed some intimate time going over all sharp angles and deep lines of history etched into the design of this armoire. At closer inspection, the skill of craftsmanship is obvious, and the brass fixtures are just tarnished enough to bring gravity to the age of the armoire, which the store owner estimates at just over two centuries! However, it isn’t the impressive age of this piece that originally brought us here, but rather who the piece supposedly belonged to. This is where the story gets juicy.

inside-the-showroom-city-schemesThe owner of City Schemes found this Louie XVI Armoire nearly 30 years ago, on one of his many trips to tour the antiques of France. During one of these excursions he found a little known antique store tucked away in the south of Nice. As he was heading out of the shop, he noticed a massive armoire under a pile of boxes behind the register. When he asked the old lady behind the counter about the armoire he got a bit more than he bargained for.

She recounted the story of the original owner of the armoire, Countess Maria (Marie) Walewska, a Polish noblewoman who lived at the end of the 18th century. We did a bit of digging on this obscure woman from history.

Marie was born on December 7th 1786 to a wealthy noble family in Kiernozia, Poland. She married Count Athenasius Colonna-Walewski in 1805, a man forty years her senior. It is perhaps due to her noble status that she eventually rubbed elbows with Napoleon Bonaparte two years into his reign as Emperor of France in 1806. He was so entranced with her beauty that soon he asked her to be his mistress!

napoleonThe affair was meant to be a secret one. Marie took up residence at the capital’s Royal Castle, and would drop in on the Emperor’s room at night, then sneak out in the morning. When Napoleon moved his headquarters to East Prussia she followed him there, but kept to her living-quarters the entire time out of fear that she would be discovered by Napoleon’s commanding officers, many of whom she knew and was related to. However, by the end of the year the relationship was no less than an open secret in the higher-circles of the noble class in Western Europe.

For the next four years, Marie followed Napoleon where he traveled and they eventually wound up in Vienna in 1809. It was here that Maria became pregnant. She was forced to move back home and gave birth to her second son, Alexandre Joseph, and her first son with Napoleon. Her husband, the elderly count Athenasius, took the boy in as his own.

After Vienna, Napoleon moved back to Paris, where Marie met him. But soon Napoleon grew cold toward Marie. It was during this time that Napoleon decided to divorce his current wife Joséphine de Beauharnais in favor of marrying a new woman, Duchess Marie Louise of Parma. A different Marie! As consolation, Emperor Napoleon left Marie Walewska and their son a large estate in the Kingdom of Naples. He also left her a massive residence at the Rue de Montmorency palace, replete with brand new furniture and accoutrements!

After Marie Walewska’s death in December of 1817, her entire estate was sold in an auction. And this is exactly where the old French woman at the antique shop explained that she purchased the grand Louie XVI Armoire! It didn’t take much more convincing and within a few hours, the armoire was in a shipping container and on its way across the Atlantic to City Schemes in Somerville, MA.

As we are walking out of City Schemes, we ask how long they plan on keeping the armoire. We are told that the armoire has found its final home and that they don’t ever see selling the piece. After all, this antique has been with the store since its inception. Not only is it extraordinarily beautiful to look at, it’s just one more excuse to tell a great story!

Contemporary Dining Tables by Modloft at City Schemes

A dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture that goes into a home. This is especially true for people who have a large family or host many social gatherings. It is the initial piece of furniture that brings families and groups together when food is involved, and it is capable of telling a lot about the inner life of the homeowner. With such a role in the home, a dining table must be capable of encouraging conversation and comfortable enough for people to stay seated at for a long period of time. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture would like to present to you an innovative brand, Modloft. Their sleek designs make their pieces adaptable to any living space.


Modloft’s passion for creating lush urban furniture that is affordable for any homeowner continues in its lineup of dining tables. Its team of designers from around the world craft innovative pieces that incorporate sleek lines, glossy finishes and the highest-quality materials. Such dedication has led to an assortment of elegant dining tables that can modernize any dining space or kitchen.


The BEECH square dining table is perfect for grounding an area with a sense of peace and comfort. With its painted glass tabletop, it has a vibrant feel and encourages a place for one to stop and collect your thoughts. The GREENWICH dining table on the other hand blends strength and softness in order to create a yin-yang vibe in any room. Its powerful U-shaped base grips the room while its walnut frame adds the warmth of wood. For an ultramodern look that creates space and reflects a lot of light, the WATERLOO table is a top contender. The single band of brass across the base powerfully ignites the gloss white lacquer of the tulip-shaped base.

Stop by our showroom to view swatches and samples, we serve the Greater Boston area!

Natuzzi Editions Leather Sofas at City Schemes in Greater Boston

City Schemes Contemporary Furniture features a vast selection of leather sofa and sectionals. One of our more notable brands is Natuzzi. Their contemporary and sleek design make them the ideal piece for any room. The Natuzzi Group began in 1959 under the careful guidance of Pasquale Natuzzi. Since that time Natuzzi has grown to incredible heights. It is currently one of the largest furniture houses in Italy, with seven manufacturing plants and is known across the globe as the top manufacturer of luxury goods.

Separated into two product lines, Natuzzi Italia and Natuzzi Editions, the Natuzzi Group offers a wide range of lavish goods. Though Natuzzi Italia offers a renowned range of furniture, Natuzzi Editions offers a specialized lineup of comfortable leather sofas. Each sofa produced by Natuzzi Editions is a masterpiece made with the utmost care for the customer. The Natuzzi Group follows environmentally friendly methods and the latest trends in order to guarantee that customer satisfaction.


With a team of 120 professional designers, architects, craftsmen and other specialists, Natuzzi digs deeply into its research and development sector. The dedication to research has allowed its gorgeous sofas to reach perfection in both comfort and elegance. As a centerpiece-type of furniture, sofas must meet many requirements, aesthetically and functionally. They set the style for the rest of the room and are a point of congregation and relaxation. Only a sofa of the highest quality and made with the detailed approach of Natuzzi Editions can meet your every need.


With a wide array of options, Natuzzi Editions has a lineup of cozy sofas that can fit any style. Homeowners looking for a flair of modern elegance will find the contours of the B803 and B817 perfect for bringing the family together in a contemporary setting. The tone, size and shape of the B748 and B908 are perfect for more traditional homes that wish to incorporate warmth.

City Schemes’ is a proud distributor of Natuzzi Editions. Matching unbelievable comfort with style, Natuzzi Editions can offer an elegant sofa for any style of room. Find your elegant sofa for an unbeatable price at City Schemes Contemporary Furniture today!

We service the Greater Boston area.

Contemporary Beds by Modloft

leather-bed-modloft-city-schemesModloft is known around the world for its luxurious creations of urban furniture. Working with a handpicked team of international designers, Modloft consistently creates stylish, contemporary and immaculate pieces for any modern home. Through its diligence it has grown tremendously since 2005.

Its dedication to comfort, luxury and the current times is on full display in the lineup of beds it produces. Each bed is built with contemporary tastes in mind. The low frames and sleek lines confirm Modloft’s dedication to creating pieces that will innovate the modern realm of interior design.

madison-leather-bed-modloft-city-schemesCrafting beds with intricate contours and an array of materials, Modloft provides an assortment unlike any other product line. The MADISON uses an intricately woven eco pelle headboard with a matching low frame to maintain a simple, yet versatile elegance. To ensure a comfortable deep sleep for the customer, one can choose between an inner-spring or foam mattress to dip into. The MONROE design offers the warmth of wood into your bedroom while maintaining the slender contours that speak so well to the modern era. This blend of the old with the new creates a feeling of inner peace and allows for a variety of possibilities when choosing other furniture for the bedroom.

Beds are meant to be the most comfortable piece of furniture in a home. They are our ultimate sanctuaries from the worries of the day. A bed is the one place where a person can completely relax and being able to get a full night’s rest is essential to having a productive workday. Find the perfect bed today at City Schemes Contemporary Furniture. We service the Greater Boston area and will work with you to find the perfect Modloft piece for your room.

Manufacturing with the utmost care and using environmentally friendly methods, Modloft makes sure that each product will meet the satisfaction of its customers. A bed by Modloft is a guarantee of incomparable comfort that will allow you to find a sense of peace at the end of the day.

Modern Office Desks Furniture – BDI

sequel-desk-by-bdi-city-schemesThe desk is the central piece to your workstation or home office. It is where you sit to focus and harness your mental energy. Whether or not your papers are filed away or spread across the desk, it is an area of operation and should represent the environment where one works most efficiently. City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is a proud distributor of BDI, servicing the Greater Boston area. Whether you’re looking to furnish your office space or home in general, we carry BDI furniture ideal for any room.

BDI came onto the scene in 1984 under the vision of Bill Becker. Its goal was to make great design affordable for everyone. BDI might be best known for its home theater creations, but its progress in that area has led to innovative designs for every type of room. The designs of BDI’s desks carry a sense of ergonomics and fit easily into any contemporary room.

centro-desk-bdi-city-schemesFor some, a more traditional desk made of wood provides a certain artisan quality and warmth to an area. The MODICA acts as a perfect conduit for such minds who wish for a more organic working space or a vintage vibe that enhances creative work. Others prefer more elegant and contemporary areas that match the sleek technology they use. The CENTRO and SEQUEL DESK are perfect for molding such professional qualities in an area with their micro-etched glass tops. Each also offers a plethora of utilities.

 For others, the main difficulty in setting up a home office is the amount of available space in the house. BDI accommodates such cases with desks like the CASCADIA, which uses a compact frame and linear design scheme in order to open up the space of a room. 

Even if you do not have the space to use an entire room for such a purpose, having an office desk is still the key to working at home. The size of the space might have some effect on output, but the key is to have your own particular space that acts as an escape. The desk is the foundation for creating this type of environment and allows one to make the most of what they have.

Modern High Quality Office Furniture by BDI

corridor-multifunction-cabinet-6520-bdi-office-white-oak-3Everyone deserves a workspace that is comfortable, inviting and allows for a high level of productivity. It is a space to encourage studious endeavors and so there is a fine line that is drawn between furniture and other accessories that sharpen the mind and those that act as distractions. If there are too many little adornments, then it becomes extremely difficult to focus in an area, which can be problematic when wanting to finish your taxes, plan out your vacation or simply organize your daily schedule. Ergonomics is the keyword for BDI when it comes to crafting an office space.

A desk should not simply be seen as a station for monotonous work though. The desk is an area that should act as the focal point of your professional life and must be able to direct your creative tendencies while maintaining output. Having a fine crafted desk with a set of drawers to house your personal computer, papers and other office supplies allows for a sense of comfort and purpose that greatly increases the level of production. To create such a grand working space, you cannot go wrong with the CORRIDOR OFFICE, which offers a large desk, storage, file cabinets and a special credenza.

centro-3-drawer-file-cabinet-6414-bdi-office-satin-white-grey-glass-top-4BDI’s offices have perfected the art of mixing artistry and efficiency in the contours of their office sets, the mixture of materials they use as well as the variety of arrangements one can create with BDI’s furniture. The CENTRO provides a large work surface and several possibilities for storing supplies. Each piece’s maneuverability in this set ensures that you will be able to utilize every inch of your space to your liking.

Whether it is for a home office or corporate floor plan, BDI has the office set to match the type of work environment you wish to promote. Whether it’s using table desks to increase cooperation or outfitting personal spaces to cut out distractions, BDI can meet the customer’s needs. Come view the BDI models that City Schemes Contemporary Furniture displays on the floor now! Take a look at the swatches we have on-hand and consult with our Sales personnel to get a BDI furniture made to your specifications. City Schemes serves the Greater Boston area!

City Schemes is in “Top 17” Furniture Stores in Boston looked at 163 Furniture Stores in Boston and Picked the Top 17.

The Selection Criteria:

1. Reputation

2. Credibility

3. Experience

4. Availability

5. Professionalism

City Schemes Contemporary Furniture is one of them. Thank you, all our loyal customer for continuous support.



Contemporary Italian Beds by Calligaris

calligaris-beds-at-cityschemesIt is essential for people to get a good night’s rest to function at 100% during the day. For this reason, a comfortable bed is a necessity for every home. The bed is also the most intimate area within one’s home. It is where people go to unwind completely after a long day at work and so it must resemble a safe space that helps calm them down. It is also a place of romance and many feel it must reflect such intimacy with a physical appeal. As a bed meets so many needs it is no surprise that choosing a bed for your home is one of the biggest interior decisions you will have to make.

Creating a perfect sanctuary for your peace of mind though has never been easier thanks to the countless options that Calligaris provides. Traditionally known for its chairs, Calligaris has expanded monumentally during its 90 years and now its product line holds top-quality products of most interior furniture, including beds. Following break-and-bend resistant construction ensures the longevity of the beds, while only the highest-quality materials guarantee comfort and appeal. With a range of modern- and classic-styled headboards, each offering a personal touch of elegance, Calligaris has continued its tradition of offering innovative products with customer preferences driving its craft.

swami bed by calligaris taupe color city schemes

The toughest part is deciding what style best fits your desires and personal preferences. At City Schemes Contemporary Furniture, you can consult with our Sales personnel to narrow down your choices to find the perfect fit for you. We service the Greater Boston area, and hope to be your go-to furniture store. Some models to mention: The SWAMI model double bed is a tribute to luxury. Entirely upholstered, and available in the fine Italian leather Vera Pelle finish, the SWAMI maximizes comfort. The addition of an ample storage space furthers its functionality, while the chrome-plated base enhances its appearance. For an item more in touch with contemporary times, the DIXIE double bed is a top contender. The contours of its base and option to choose aluminum legs can modernize any room, while its wooden headboard keeps the space feeling warm.

Dining Tables Beautifully Made in Italy by Calligaris

Tables act as the centerpiece of any room due to their general size and placement. Discover the perfect dining table at City Schemes Contemporary Furniture. We carry a wide variety of Calligaris tables and aim to be your go-to furniture store in the Greater Boston area. A table typically is large in size because of the purpose it serves, often a meeting point for a group of people. Families use them as places to eat together, to do work, to play board games and so much more. Many people host groups of friends in a dining room, which presents others a significant view of your taste. They also drive the style and decide what other furniture and adornments will work in a room.

omnia dining table by calligarisCalligaris continues its brand of excellence that it has shown in its long tradition of chairs with its lineup of tables. Though a more recent product line, tables by Calligaris must maintain the distinguished brand name Calligaris has molded over the past 90 years and so are made with the utmost care as well as environmentally friendly methods. No step is foregone as they test each raw material in order to ensure its quality and durability. This care has produced a lineup that can capture any person’s personal preference.

cartesio dining table calligarisFor a cozy environment, you cannot go wrong with the extendable CREAM TABLE. Its round shape is perfect for family conversation while the using of traditional wood ensures warmth in the space. To set a more modern flair to a room the CARTESIO table is a top choice. With a rust Corten-finished base below a top of wood veneer finish or slatted oak, this table infuses the city into any room. For a mix between the modern and the traditional, the ACACIA table can blend into any style. Utilizing a round glass top that can fit any number of people comfortably and a metal base that imitates the design of a tree trunk, this table mixes many aesthetic qualities into its design.