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Double Level Bunk Bed “Coupe” by Suinta, Spain

The “Coupe” by Suinta (Spain), is a unique modern sofa that converts into a double level bunk bed. This piece of furniture provides versatility and is ideal for customers with limited space. The Coupe is a perfect combination of design and functionality. Easy to assemble, you can convert the bunk bed back into a sofa within mere minutes when you have guests over.

The featured metallic system provides the sofa bed with a sleek design that will stand the test of time, as it is made of a high-resistance, anti-rust steel, finished with epoxy resin. The guardrails and sturdy ladder makes it safe and ideal for children. This unique sofa bed was designed with comfort in mind, you won’t lose any sleep as the memory foam mattress offers the utmost comfort.

Various configuration options are available, choose between fabric or leather, and a variety of color choices.

Visit City Schemes Contemporary Furniture show room located on 22 Kent St. in Somerville to try out the Coupe today along with other Suinta models we have on the floor on display.